We've Been Shopping!

Robyn and Vickii recently attended the huge annual Trade Fair in Sydney which means that lots of goodies will be arriving in the shop in the weeks and months ahead!

Gorgeous glass wear, a new range of tea towels, some delicious Blue Turtle jewellry and many other fine gifts of distinction have been ordered-in from all parts of the globe.


"We all have a lot of fun making sure that our stock-mix is interesting and affordable'' said proprietor Maddi' Parker, who was on-hand to drive a weary, but happy, Robyn and Vickii home from the Fair.

"We are delighted with the good reputation for great gifts that we have earned with our customers since we launched the gift shop a little over a year ago. It creates a real buzz around the place when boxes full of lovely things arrive - everybody puts their hand-up to be the first to see what's inside!".

The gift shop is open the same as normal pharmacy hours and awaits your inspection.

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Thanks for dropping by to the Moss Vale Community Pharmacy website. We have been serving locals for 90 years with only a couple of name changes on the way. Current owner, Maddi' Parker , represents just the third family to own the chemist in all this time!

We look forward to assisting you in meeting all of your health and well-being needs. Please come-in and say hello at our chemist shop which is located at 412 Argyle St, Moss Vale.

We provide full range of pharmacy services with a highly trained team to take care of your needs. Prescriptions. Gifts. Cold and Flu. Skin Care. Natural remedies. Vitamins. Webster Paks. Blood Pressure Checks. Dental. Beauty & much more.......Plenty of Parking behind and around the shop!

Check out the wonderful Moss Vale Promotion Video Below! See if you can spot our crew.


Depression and Anxiety

If we look honestly at our lives, we will admit they look somewhat like a roller coaster. Our lives are not static, however much we would like them to be, and try to make them. Life changes, and our normal human response is to grieve what’s gone, and fear what is new and unknown. This means that our lives are naturally interspersed with periods of sadness.


For some, and for many varied reasons, ranging from past and current experiences to complex body physiology, the 'down feeling' dominates. This may have always been, may have happened suddenly, or may have been a gradual process of sliding.

There are many similarities between grief and depression, and a grief process can often trigger a depressive episode.  To quote a psychotherapist with 30 years of clinical experience, “I have never seen a single person with depression, who didn’t have 20 good reasons”.

Regardless of how it began and for what reason, talking about it and learning about it can help. Staying alone in it, even though that may feel desirable, generally is not.

Counselling and going to see your GP can support you to get clarity around what you are experiencing, and find what you need.



An ATM is available 24/7 out on Argyle Street

An Invitation to Our Local Clubs and Societies

As a part of our commitment to the local community we have introduced a club card. Every time a club member uses the card to make a non-prescription purchase valuable funds will accumulate to boost the club's bank balance! There may be other ways that we can help too, so let's have a chat.


Call 4868 1293 for more information or come on in to the store and ask for Robyn or Maddi'.

Moss Vale Community Pharmacy Awarded Quality Care Accredited Pharmacy Status Once Again!! Read more.


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If you are a local tweeter then please consider following-us on TWEETER @mossy_pharmacy. We will be tweeting out health related articles as well as pharmacy news!